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Stories from our customers


"I visited Mr R from Horsham District in May this year. I met his wife, who is always beautifully turned out with a lovely smile and has always lead an active life with lots of friends keeping their house, especially their garden in top shape. She was diagnosed with dementia earlier on this year, and when not out on trips with Mr R spends most of her day walking around the house inspecting their beautiful garden. What struck me when I first went there is how fast she went pottering around the garden circling the house.


Mr R explained the she (normally when he has started to relax that she is safe walking round the garden) has a habit of darting off and this has lead in many searches to find her often including the police. He told me of many experiences of being out when she had done the same thing, for example going to the supermarket and he asked her to stay by the trolley while he fetched something he had forgotten and returned finding the trolley without her, or when they went on a trip to visit a castle, when he was reading one of the plaques he turned to discuss what he had read and she was gone, resulting in a 6 hour police hunt for her.


With the use of the Footprint and few lessons from us on how to use his new smartphone, he has been able to continue enjoying going on days out with his wife, where they can share time together, relaxed in the knowledge that if she does start to wonder, he can simply text her Footprint and know what direction she has headed. He no longer needs to worry about concentrating on a task at home as if she does dart off he can look on his computer and find where she is and how fast she is travelling and safely join her in the mission she has decided to take or even wait for her to return freely knowing that if she doesn’t he will be able to find her.


For his wife, she hasn’t got the constant buzz of a husband around her, without understanding why he is always there and getting cross, she is very happy that she has her special necklace in her favourite colour blue (to match her eyes!) and listens to the memo minder set up by the door with her own voice recorded on it to remind her to put it on as she goes out.


Needless to say the footprint has been a total success for them, and we thank them for letting us share their story with others. From my perspective, to be able to find a solution to what was becoming an increasingly dangerous and worrying time for them has been a real joy."


Telecare Manager

Horsham District Council