Assisting Hospital Discharge

OwnFone Mobile in hospital discharge


OwnFone Mobile is being used effectively as a way of discharging patients from hospital.


Without the need for landlines or expensive GSM units, patients are provided with an OwnFone Mobile in their discharge package. The handset is connected to the local telecare provider.


OwnFone Mobile provides a safe and secure way of re-enablement so that assessments can be done when the patient is back at home.


OwnFones are provided for a fixed period of time to allow for further assistive technology to be installed. The units are then are recycled back to the hospital or transferred to a rental option if the patient wants to keep them.


Studies have shown that providing OwnFone handsets are making a cost saving for the NHS whilst allowing the patient to go home as soon as they are well enough. 


London Borough of Hounslow"OwnFone and Footprint are fast becoming increasingly popular in our discharge packages as they provide that extra peace of mind and safety to discharged patients and their families, when returning home. There is the added benefit of ensuring that delayed discharges are kept to minimum and much needed hospital beds are available for those that require them most.”


Telecare Manager

London Borough of Hounslow  


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