Footprint User Stories

Footprint lone working case study

"When working on my own during July 2016 I left a property and was walking back towards my vehicle. On route I could hear shouting and was aware that there was a domestic dispute happening. 


One of the people involved assaulted a member of the public with a bottle.


I pressed my Footprint ‎and broke up the fighting. Whilst standing in between the members of public the staff in the office were able to hear all that was going on, without me having to speak the staff could use the Footprint Finder platform to get my location and arrange for police to attend at the same time.


By having the Footprint call through to our monitoring centre ‎the call was automatically recorded and this recording has been provided to the police for them to present as evidence during the Magistrates court case."


Business Development Manager

Forestcare, Bracknell Forest Council