Wearable GPS Device for Lone Workers

Keeping your staff safe

What is a lone worker?Lone Worker with a Footprint device


Lone workers are people who work without close supervision or by themselves. Lone workers range from security, nursing, maintenance and care workers through to field sales people and those working alone in workshops and factories.


Your responsibility as an employer


As an employer you are legally responsible for the health and safety of all your workers. The law requires you to have run risk assessments for people working alone, making sure they are adequately protected from any health and safety risks. Being a lone worker should not put them at any more risk than other employees.


What is a lone working device?


"A lone work device (LWD)/lone worker application (LWA) encourages and forms part of an LW dynamic risk assessment. In the event of an incident, it enables the LW to transmit their identity and location easily and discreetly in order to request assistance when they feel threatened or at risk."


BS8484 2016 (British Standard for lone working)


Why chose Footprint?


Footprint is BS8484 compliant and has additional features to those recommended. It is a discrete, secure and wearable device that provides immediate contact at time of incident.


As a company we work in close partnership with lone working consultants and certified monitoring companies to provide you an end to end solution for your lone workers if required.


We work with you through the process, establishing your needs and tailor making our service to fit you. We can assist in documentation required in risk assessment, staff data collection and training to make your lone working implementation as easy as possible.


“Providing for the safety and security of Lone Workers can lead to greater productivity and better retention through increased protection for the Lone Worker. It also provides improved protection for the organisation against H&S and Corporate Manslaughter legislation.  Incorporating effective policies and procedures into an organisation’s daily operations is the most effective way of achieving such protection.”


Patrick Dealtry

One of the founders of Skyguard

Founding chairman of the BSIA Lone Worker section

Chairman of the BSI BS8484 drafting committee, 2009, 2011, and 2016


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