Hounslow Hospital Discharge Project

Hounslow Council’s Linkline+ service has established a local partnership with West Middlesex hospital to help speed up hospital discharges and to assist in the prevention of unnecessary re-admissions.


Since October Hounslow Council’s Linkline+ service has aided the speedy discharge of 30 patients by issuing telecare kits, enabling people to return home safe in the knowledge that should they require help, it is immediately available at the touch of a button.


The Ownfone/Footprint is the main staple of the kits along with a movement activated nightlight and, if needed, a temporary keysafe. The keysafe can be hung over any door frame and an access code is given to emergency services or carers, as required.


The Ownfone is a simple handheld device that is pre- programmed to call the Linkline+ call centre, at the touch of a button, should a discharged patient require any assistance. It comes with a roaming Sim and will pick up the strongest mobile network, further ensuring patient safety.


The Discharge packs are currently being offered to patients who live in the Borough free of charge for 6 weeks. Within the 6 weeks a Telecare assessment will be carried out and hopefully they will decide to become a Linkline+ client, so far we have had 25 clients who have signed up to the Linkline+ service.


The new telecare kits are fast becoming increasingly popular as they provide that extra peace of mind and safety to discharged patients and their families, when returning home. There is the added benefit of ensuring that delayed discharges are kept to minimum and much needed hospital beds are available for those that require them most.

Linkline+ is fully staffed and operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our dedicated officers are highly experienced at dealing with people in crisis, providing reassurance and advocating on behalf of vulnerable people with other services to ensure the correct response and assistance is provided swiftly and consistently.


Telecare Manager

London Borough of Hounslow  

20th January 2017